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Retroactive Credit Approval

College Park, Maryland, United States
Terms offered: 
Spring Break
Year (Fall-Spring)
Year (Spring-Fall)
Year (Su+Fall-Sprin)
Year (Fall-Spring)
Year (Spring-Fall)
Year (Su+Fall-Sprin)

What is the Retroactive Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Process?
This process is for UMD students who have studied abroad on an Affiliate programs or Other Approved Program without EA and UMD approval, and are interested in determining if their credit can transfer back to UMD.

Who is this process for?

  • Students who have completed a study abroad program; and
  • Did not follow the Education Abroad application procedures; and
  • Want program credits to transfer to UMD

Retroactive Process Workflow

  1. Student initiates process
    1. Sends Official Transcript to Study Abroad
    2. Schedule an appointment with EA's General Advisor
  2. Course approval process
  3. Transcript evaluated & credits post to students UMD record for approved courses
  4. EA fees charges post on Student Account
    • $500 for winter, summer or spring break programs
    • $1,200 for fall, spring or academic year programs

What do I need to do?

  1. Have an official transcript from your study abroad program sent to EA's office (1118 HJ Patterson Hall)
  2. Schedule a retroactive credit appointment with EA's General Advisor & start SACA form
  3. Complete Retroactive Information Form in MyEA
  4. Submit Courses for review (if not already in the Transfer Course Database)
  5. Schedule appointments with Academic Advisor(s) in major and college for SACA signatures
  6. Turn in SACA to EA front office
  7. Pay EA fee on your student account

How will EA Help?

  • Reviews study abroad program to ensure standards are met
  • Create a Retroactive application for you in MyEA
  • Help you complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form (SACA)
  • Explain the course evaluation process
  • Evaluate your study abroad transcript
  • Coordinate sending of official transcript and SACA to the UMD Registrar, Transfer Credit Services
  • Bill EA fee to your student account

Refer to the Academics page for more details about how study abroad credit is approved and recorded on your UMD record.

Students pursuing retroactive credit will travel overseas as independent students and are advised to review the Statement for Students on International Independent Programs and follow the guidance provided.   

Term Year Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Start Program End
Spring 2021 10/31/2020 08/15/2020