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UMD-Summer: Italy: Art and Culture in Renaissance Italy (ITAL/ARTH)

Ferrara, Italy
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
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This course is an interdisciplinary study of the arts and culture of early modern Italy, with special emphasis on Florence, as the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. The faculty-led course will be held in Florence at Palazzo Rucellai, in collaboration with ISI Florence. ITAL 269 will be a valuable study abroad experience for students who want to travel to Italy and experience first hand Italian culture and lifestyle. Students participating in this program will have the opportunity to appreciate directly the beauty of Renaissance works of art, which will be studied in the context of historical and political events of early modern Italy. The program will be enriched by sites visit to famous palaces, museums, and works of art in Florence, Ferrara and Rome: Field trips to Ferrara and Rome will be organized in partnership with ISI Florence and its art history faculty. By the end of the course, students will gain a better understanding of the meaning of patronage and its political implications, after having examined the complex relationships of Italian artists and humanists with famous patrons such as the Medici in Florence, the Este in Ferrara, the Montefeltro in Urbino, the Gonzaga in Mantua, etc. Special attention in this course will be given to the city of Florence, where Florentine humanists, in their encomiastic tributes to their patrons, gave philosophical justification to the social value of wealth, defining magnificence, displayed by the Medici in their generous support of architectural projects, works of art, collections of classical artifacts, etc. as a visual expression of their inherent worth.

UMD freshmen, sophomores and juniors are welcome to apply for this program.

You must be in good academic and judicial standing and you must not have any registration blocks to participate in this program.

The minimum GPA for this program is listed above.

If you are interested in this program but do not meet the eligibility requirements, reach out to the program director (listed in the Contacts tab) to discuss your interest in the program.

After you commit to the program, Education Abroad will enroll you in one of the following three (3) credit UMD courses:

  • ITAL 269A: Special Topics of World Cultures: The Rhetoric and Politics of Patronage in Early Modern Italy
  • ARTH 269A: Special Topics of World Cultures: The Rhetoric and Politics of Patronage in Early Modern Italy
  • This course is also offered as ITAL 499

The credit you earn during this program will count as resident credit.

You will live in apartments in the historic center of Florence and in proximity of ISI Florence. Housing in these apartments will consist of double occupancy rooms, with amenities such as internet, laundry, utilities, and final cleaning.

Costs listed below are for 2017. Costs for 2018 will be updated shortly. 

Application Fee $50
Billable Costs
Billable costs are charged to your student account. They are due based on the Bursar's payment schedule. Be sure to check your statements when they are available.
Education Abroad Fee $500
This fee is charged to your account when the application status changes from "Accepted" to "Committed." This fee includes Education Abroad services including registration, billing, advising, risk management, and pre-departure orientation.
International Health Insurance $40
Tuition $3,140
This fee is charged to your UMD account upon course registration. This fee includes: Tuition, in-country transportation, course related activities, group meals, and teaching services.
Housing Fee $1,400
This fee represents the housing provided during the program.
Out-of-pocket Costs
Meals (estimate) $600
Passport $140
Roundtrip Airfare (estimate) $1,500
Course Materials $0
Optional Activities/incidental expenses $300
Optional trip cancelation/interruption Insurance (estimate) $200

NOTE: If you are a non-UMD graduate student, you will need to pay a $75 application fee to the UMD graduate school to participate in this program.

Please refer to the following resources for more information on funding study abroad

PLEASE NOTE: All University of Maryland study abroad programs are financially self-supporting and, therefore, subject to cancelation due to low enrollment.

Professor Joseph Falvo is Associate Professor of Italian and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian and Romance Languages. He received his Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University in 1986 with a specialization in the Italian Renaissance. He has published numerous articles on Dante, Boccaccio, Pontano, Machiavelli, Della Casa, and a book on Baldesar Castiglione entitled The Economy of Human Relations. Castiglione's Libro del Cortegiano (Peter Lang, 1992). He contributed with several entries on humanist writers to the six volume Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (1999) published by Charles Scribner's Sons in association with the Renaissance Society of America. He is currently working on a second book entitled Tradition and Innovation in Courtesy Literature: Education and Politics in Early Modern Italy, and on another project dealing with the study of ceremony and ritual in Boccaccio's Decameron. He has been participant at many conferences and colloquia, delivering papers on various aspects of Italian literature and culture. He is recipient of several honors, including an award from the Folger Institute, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For course, itinerary or in-country information, please contact the Program Director. For general questions or assistance with applying, contact EA Short-term Programs.

As a part of this program, you will engage in the following activities:

  • Visiting the museums of Florence, Pitti Palace, Forte Belvedere, the Opera, and other important sites in Florence. 
  • Learning basic Italian and broadening your knowledge of Florentine art and society. 
  • Interact with other students at ISI Florence and with the Florentine people. 
  • Engage in several lectures given by ISI Florence faculty who are experts in Renaissance art history and Florentine political history. 
Term Year Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Start Program End
Summerterm 2017 03/15/2017 03/11/2017 05/31/2017 07/01/2017