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UMD-Winter: New Zealand: Engineering Small Aerospace Systems for the Future (ENAE)

Auckland, New Zealand
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Maria Barra

Introduction to the conceptual design of small aerospace systems such as uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) and CubeSats. Topics covered during pre-departure class sessions and in-country lectures include designing in response to requirements; computer aided design and modeling of vehicle layouts and packaging; basic aerodynamics and orbital mechanics; mass, power, and communication budgets; range, endurance, and sizing for particular missions; and multidisciplinary optimization techniques. Focus will be given to similarities between UAV drones and CubeSats (using COTS hardware, open source architectures/software libraries) while highlighting differences between atmospheric and orbital environments. Visits to relevant academic and industry sites will be incorporated to encourage students to connect course material to real-world applications.

*There are need-based scholarships available for this program, please contact the Office of Global Engineering Leadership for additional information once you have completed your program application.

You must be in good academic and judicial standing and you must not have any registration blocks to participate in this program. The minimum GPA for this program is listed above.

The prerequisites for this program are MATH246, ENES220 or equivalent, and MATH241. UMD and non-UMD juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible to apply. 

After you commit to the program, Education Abroad will enroll you in the following three (3) credit UMD course:

  • ENAE488Z: Topics in Aerospace Engineering: The Future of Small Aerospace Systems in Auckland, New Zealand

ENAE488Z is approved for the following:

  • ENAE: In major technical elective
  • BIOE: Breadth Elective
  • ENCE: Technical Elective (out of major)
  • ENEE: General Technical Elective (EE) or Category F elective (CE)
  • ENFP: Technical Elective
  • ENME: Out-of-major technical elective

*CHBE and ENMA students need to request permission of the department. Please see your Academic Advisor.

The credit you earn during this program will count as resident credit

You will stay in shared accommodations with other UMD students which may include double, triple or quad rooms. Room assignments will be selected randomly.

Costs are current for winter 2020. 
*There are need-based scholarships available for this program, please contact the Office of Global Engineering Leadership for additional information once you have completed your program application.

Application Fee $50
Billable Costs
Billable costs are charged to your student account. They are due based on the Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering payment schedule. Be sure to check your statements when they are available.
Education Abroad Fee $500
This fee is charged to your account when the application status changes from "Accepted" to "Committed." This fee includes Education Abroad services including registration, billing, advising, risk management, and pre-departure orientation.
International Health Insurance $45
Tuition $2,580
This fee is charged to your UMD account upon course registration. This fee includes: Tuition, in-country transportation, course related activities, group meals, and teaching services.
Housing Fee $865
This fee represents the housing provided during the program.
Out-of-pocket Costs
Meals (estimate) $200
Visa $30
Passport $145
Roundtrip Airfare (estimate) $2,600
Course Materials $0
Optional Activities/incidental expenses $300
Optional trip cancelation/interruption Insurance (estimate) $180

Please refer to the following resources for more information on funding study abroad

PLEASE NOTE: All University of Maryland study abroad programs are financially self-supporting and, therefore, subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

Dr. Andrew Becnel is a teaching faculty member in Aerospace Engineering. He completed his undergraduate degree at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and his Master's and PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland. Dr. Becnel teaches introduction to aerospace systems, space systems design, space navigation and guidance, and vibrations and aeroelasticity, and serves as mentor to several aerospace engineering design project teams. 

Dr. Mary Bowden is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering and the Acting Director of the Women In Engineering Program for the Clark School.  She did her undergraduate studies at Cornell University, followed by Master's and PhD at MIT.  She currently teaches Mechanics courses for the Keystone Program, and Introduction to Aerospace Systems and Aerospace Structures for the Aerospace Department.  Dr. Bowden also runs the MD Space Grant / UMD NearSpace Balloon Payload Program which develops and launches small engineering and science payloads on weather balloons.

For course, itinerary or in-country information, please contact the Program Director. For general questions or assistance with applying, contact EA Short-term Programs

As a part of this program, you will engage in activities such as:

  • Attend guest lectures by experts in industry and academia
  • Work on collaborative projects in aerospace systems design
  • Visit sites showcasing modern aerospace systems development in action
  • Develop practical skills in coding and 3D design
  • Take excursions to picturesque locations and exotic landscapes
Term Year Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Start Program End
Winterterm 2020 10/01/2019 10/11/2019 01/05/2020 01/19/2020