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CHBE405/ENCH605: Global Perspectives on Air Pollution Sources and Control

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Maryland Virtual
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Global Classrooms Team

GCSources and effects of global air pollutants and international regulatory trends, intercontinental pollutant transport and atmospheric dispersion models, the development and use of air pollution control systems in different countries, the design of systems in the energy sector for control and mitigation of gases and particulate matter. Watch this short video clip to learn more!

UMD and non-UMD sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are eligible. CHEM135 or equivalent, PHYS260, and MATH140/141; Students should have at least 60 credits by end of fall '20 term. Register in Testudo for the following three credit course:

This course will include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning (check Testudo for more details). The last day to cancel registration is January 3 for a 100% refund and January 4 for a 80% refund.

The Non-UMD undergraduate application is due by November 10th. Non-UMD graduate students or professionals will need to apply to the UMD Graduate School to participate in this course. For general questions, please contact EA Short-term Programs.

Tuition: Undergraduate, per credit rate MD-in State Resident $367
Out-of-State Resident $1,456
Tuition: Graduate, per credit rate MD-in State Resident  $731
Out-of-State Resident  $1,625
Winter Fee Winter Session $100

Costs listed above are calculated based on the university’s standard tuition and fee rates for winter 2021.