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AAPS300/GVPT368G: Corporate Social Responsibility in Ghana: A Strategy for Sustainable Educational Development

College Park, Maryland, United States
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Maria Barra

GCThe persisting underdevelopment within regions of the world and in U.S. cities suggests that tried initiatives have failed to eradicate poverty. To these ends, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered an alternate development strategy that recognizes the power of Corporations in a globalized world, as an agent with the potential to bring about sustainable change. To validate CSR the traditional definition of responsibility is broadened to include the voluntary obligation of corporations to support initiatives that fall beyond the direct scope of its operations. The operations of corporations around the world will be examined to determine if they engage in sustainable practices. In light of the contemporary COVID-19 pandemic, students will explore if and how the business community responded as a means of social responsibility, the stakeholders that were a part of the conversations, and the decision making processes that were employed.

UMD and non-UMD freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are eligible. Register in Testudo for the following three credit course:

  • AAPS300: Corporate Social Responsibility in Ghana: A Strategy for Sustainable Educational Development
  • GVPT368G: Corporate Social Responsibility in Ghana: A Strategy for Sustainable Educational Development

This course will include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning (check Testudo for more details). Registration will open on October 20th. The last day to cancel registration is January 3 for a 100% refund and January 4 for a 80% refund.

Dr. Rhea Roper Nedd's professional experiences consist of teaching and higher education program administration specializing in the development of interventions and services that lead to the retention and graduation of underrepresented groups. As the Associate Director of the McNair Scholars Program she works with a select group of high academic achievers to prepare them for matriculation into doctoral programs upon graduation, through the teaching of research methodologies and the dissertation writing process. Prior to joining the McNair Scholars Program she served as the Assistant Director of the Pre-College Programs-Upward Bound Programs at the University of Maryland, College Park. As an Adjunct Professor at Howard University, she has taught a number of courses in the field of Political Science and International Relations. If you are interested in this course but do not meet the eligibility requirements, reach out to Dr. Rhea Roper Nedd to discuss your interest. For general questions, please contact EA Short-term Programs.

**Please note this course qualifies for eligible Pell Grant recipients to apply for the Gilman International Scholarship

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