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GVPT359I: Topics in Comparative Politics; Identity Politics: Constructing a Gender Inclusive Society

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GCThis course sets the foundation for exploring identity politics with a juxtaposition of varying theories about identity, with a special emphasis on gender. Building on this literature we examine empirically how gender rights and rights of the LGBTQ community vary across the world, how these have changed over time, and what are some of the cross-national correlates of change. We then delve deep to the sub-national case level to ask how a gender inclusive society was built in Iceland, which is currently ranked first in gender equality in the World Economic Forums World Gender Gap Index and, according to the Global Acceptance Index, ranks among the five most LGBTQ rights accepting countries in the world. Global Classrooms global learning opportunities within this class will include engaging with Icelandic scholars in conversations about identity and power in Iceland and around the world; viewing cultural sites through virtual tours; engaging with global scholars through social media and real time synchronous sessions.

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Registration opens on February 23, 2021. This course will include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning (check Testudo for more details). This course will be offered during Summer Session 1A (June 1-18).

Non-UMD undergraduates will need to submit an application through the Office of Extended Studies to register. Non-UMD graduate students or professionals will need to apply to the UMD Graduate School to participate in this course.

Jóhanna Kristín Birnir is a Professor in the department of Government and Politics and the director of GVPT Global Learning.  Jóhanna studies the effect of identity (ethnicity, religion, gender) on contentious political outcomes (elections and violence), and has done extensive fieldwork in the Andes, South-East Europe and Indonesia.  Jóhanna´s  first book "Ethnic Electoral Politics" (Cambridge University Press) examines the relationship between political access and minority strategic choice of peaceful electoral participation, protest or violence against the state.  Her current book project (forthcoming Cambridge University Press and supported by the Global Religion Research Initiative - University of Notre Dame) examines the relationship between identity (ethnicity and religion) and minority peaceful and violent political mobilization.  Jóhanna´s articles on identity and politics are published in numerous academic journals including the American Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Party Politics, Latin American Research Review , and Journal of Global Security Studies.  Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation and The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism and Folke Bernadotte Academy. For general questions, please contact the Global Classrooms team

*Please note this program qualifies for eligible Pell Grant recipients to apply for the Gilman International Scholarship

Tuition: Undergraduate, per credit rate MD-in State Resident $374
Out-of-State Resident $1,485
Tuition: Graduate, per credit rate MD-in State Resident  $746
Out-of-State Resident  $1,658
Summer Online Fee   $100

Costs listed above are calculated based on the university’s standard tuition and fee rates for summer 2021.

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Summerterm 2022 03/15/2022 01/20/2022