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IFSA Tech Career Accelerator - Computer Science in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
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Emily Garcia
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IFSA Tech Career Accelerator
Geotag  Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of Central Europe’s oldest gems, but also one of its rising stars. Home to innovation, art and creativity, Prague is the gateway to the “new Europe” within the Czech Republic and neighboring Germany and Austria. The city’s train stations, bus networks, and airport make Prague an ideal base from which to explore Europe. With a plethora of cafés, cathedrals, and museums, there is no shortage of local wonders to experience in Prague, and an excellent public transportation system allows you to traverse the city with ease.

Gain the skills today’s employers want as you continue essential computer science coursework with this specialized program, created in partnership with select U.S. universities. 

Prague is a city leaning boldly into the future. Take advantage of its dynamic tech ecosystem as you get real-world experience and develop skills like collaboration and teamwork through team challenges, company visits, optional internships, and more. Stay on track for graduation with classes in AI, software engineering, database management, machine learning, and more with top notch faculty. Come back to campus with a strong resume, global connections, and newfound confidence. 

There’s time to explore, too. Head to a café with friends for chlebícky—open-faced sandwiches—or explore the city’s many wonders, including quaint Old Town, the 11th century castle, Vyšehrad, and David Cerný’s street art. Get to know Czech people via meetups, meals, excursions, and more.

Mix and match 4 - 5 IFSA classes for a total of 12 - 15 U.S. semester credit hours. All classes are worth 3 U.S. semester credits and are open to all students. IFSA has carefully tailored a suite of computer science classes to fit U.S. degree requirements, which you can complement with social and historical surveys that invite you to engage with your host city and community. 

All students will take Essential Czech, a 1 U.S. semester credit hour class in contemporary Czech language and culture taught intensively during the first weeks of the program.

IFSA Core Class
Augmented Reality: Leadership Development for the Tech Sector

IFSA Computer Science Classes

  • Computer Networks
  • Database Management Systems
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Computer and Network Security
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering

IFSA Elective Classes

  • Architecture and Design in Prague 
  • Beginning Czech I 
  • Comparative Perspectives in Human Rights 
  • Democracies in Transition: Reimagining Europe 
  • Entrepreneurship: Creating a Plan of Action 
  • International Internship Seminar 
  • Social Psychology 
  • Tech, Ethics, and Public Policy 
  • Truth, Storytelling, and Narrative: Becoming Czech 

Please visit IFSA Tech Career Accelerator on the IFSA website for complete class descriptions and syllabi. 

Program activities are designed to enhance your intercultural competence by developing your understanding of the local culture and people. Activities are optional, but they are included in your total program fee. They vary each term based on availability, but activities may include: 

  • Aiming at Moonshots
  • Women in Tech
  • Network It
  • Cultural Life in Prague
  • Cold War in Prague
  • Eating Local-Food, People, and Sustainability
  • Czech Buddy Pizza Night

IFSA excursions are included in your total program fee and though these are optional, most students choose to participate. They vary each term based on availability, but excursions may include:

  • Back to the Woods Trip
  • Kutná Hora Trip
  • Czech Outdoor Culture


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  • Academic Support
  • Administrative Fees and Applications Fees
  • Airport Pickup
  • Activities and Excursions (including transportation and meals)
  • Guaranteed Housing
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Internet Access in Housing
  • Internship, Directed Research, and Volunteer Opportunities (on many programs)
  • Meals (on some programs)
  • Official Transcript with U.S. Credit Translation
  • On-site Orientation
  • On-site Staff Support (including in-person meetings and emergencies)
  • Pre-arrival Advising
  • Tuition


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To apply to this program, you must complete two main steps:

  1. Submit a UMD approval application - start by clicking “apply now” at the top of this page. This application allows UMD Education Abroad to approve your study abroad program selection so you may earn credit in a program outside of UMD.
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After being accepted to your program, your EA advisor will guide you through the course pre-approval process where you will determine which credits you will fulfill abroad.


UMD partners with IFSA to offer program options to UMD students across the globe. While you will maintain your UMD student status while you are away, you will work directly with IFSA program staff as a participant on their program. Your EA advisor will assist you with this process and can answer questions you may have about the application process.


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Term Year Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Start Program End
Fall 2023 03/15/2023 01/20/2023 09/05/2023 12/16/2023
Spring 2024 10/15/2023 06/01/2023