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Study abroad for a week or a year, during any academic term, and earn credit towards any major.

Many factors will affect the program that is right for you - Education Abroad (EA) will help you find that program! You can make an appointment with EA advisors and Peer Mentors who will help you narrow down your choices, but you can explore program offerings right now. Use the right-hand menu to search based on your preferences or browse different types of programs we offer.

Program Namesort descending Terms offered City Country
UMD Exchange: University of Vienna (Austria) Spring, Year (Fall-Spring) Vienna Austria
UMD Exchange: University of Western Australia (Australia) Fall, Spring, Year (Fall-Spring) Perth Australia
UMD Exchange: Uppsala University (Sweden) Fall, Spring, Year (Fall-Spring) Uppsala Sweden
UMD Exchange: Waseda University (Japan) Spring, Year (Fall-Spring) Tokyo Japan
UMD Exchange: Yonsei University (Korea) Fall, Spring, Year (Fall-Spring) Seoul Korea
UMD JOUR Exchange: University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Fall, Spring, Year (Fall-Spring) Hong Kong Hong Kong
UMD-Spring Break: Brazil Embedded Course- A Comparative Study between U.S. Business and Business in Brazil (BMGT/LASC) Spring Break Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo Brazil
UMD-Spring Break: Cuba: International Investigations in Cuban Education (EDHI) Spring Break Havana Cuba
UMD-Spring Break: France: Classical Myths in Paris (CLAS) Spring Break Paris France
UMD-Spring Break: Greece: Sustainability & Infrastructure (ENCE) Spring Break Athens Greece
UMD-Spring Break: Japan: Disaster Recovery (BSST) Spring Break Tokyo, Sendai City Japan
UMD-Spring Break: Peru: Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy and Human Rights (PLCY) Spring Break Puerto Maldonado, Lima Peru
UMD-Spring Break: United Kingdom: London and the British Empire (HIST/HONR) Spring Break London, Bristol, Liverpool United Kingdom
UMD-Summer: Argentina: Globalization & Human Rights in Buenos Aires (HIST) Summerterm Buenos Aires, Colonia, La Plata, Rosario Argentina, Uruguay
UMD-Summer: Australia: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm Sydney, Melbourne Australia
UMD-Summer: Austria: Methods in Archaeology: Forensic Aviation Archaeology (ANTH) Summerterm Vienna Austria
UMD-Summer: Austria: Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change (JOUR/HONR/AMST/GVPT) Summerterm Salzburg Austria
UMD-Summer: Brazil: Conservation and Indigenous Peoples - Ethnographic Methods (ANTH/CPSP/LASC) Summerterm Tucum?, Aukre, Par?, Pará, Tucumã, Maraba Brazil
UMD-Summer: China: As the World Turns: Society and Sustainability in a Time of Great Change (GEOG) Summerterm Beijing China
UMD-Summer: Costa Rica: Sustainable Futures (LARC) Summerterm Monteverde, San Jose Costa Rica