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Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs from the Office of International Affairs

Stay connected, stay global.

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Stay globally connected with virtual courses, internships, and opportunities from UMD and partners around the world. Through these virtual opportunities, you can engage across cultures and learn vital global skills right from your computer. These international education opportunities will allow you to: 

  • Investigate the world beyond your immediate borders and focus on addressing significant global challenges with students from around the world​.
  • Recognize disparate perspectives, others’ and your own, and communicate those ideas effectively.
  • Grow your global network by connecting with international faculty, students and organizations.
  • Gain experience designing projects that improve the global common good.

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Global Classrooms

Global Classrooms allow you to gain international experience, virtually, from wherever you are. These programs are intentionally designed to facilitate meaningful connection and collaboration with global experts and partners, going beyond the typical online class experience as they help you to grow cross-cultural competencies.

Global Classrooms experiences are available every term and come in a range of shapes and sizes, from immersive, project-based Signature Courses to a single-session or series of Connections embedded within regular UMD courses. To learn more about Global Classrooms and explore past courses visit

Global Classrooms Signature courses and Global Classrooms Connections qualify eligible Pell Grant recipients to apply for the Gilman International Scholarship

Registration for Global Classrooms courses and Global Classrooms Connections are open on Testudo. 

If you have any questions, please contact Advisor Maria Barra.


Global Classrooms Connections

Course Name Term(s) Offered
CCJS458C/MLAW358A: Human Trafficking in Context: A Comparative Analysis Summer
ENGL391: Advanced Composition: Tolkien in Oxford Summer
ENGL409M/THET428E: Literature, Art and Architecture in London Summer
GVPT359I: Topics in Comparative Politics; Identity Politics: Constructing a Gender Inclusive Society Summer
LARC489A/HONR338A: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music Summer
ENGL101: Academic Writing* Fall
ENGL391: Advanced Composition* Fall  
GVPT354: International Development and Conflict Management* Fall
GVPT482: Government and Politics of Latin America* Fall
HESI315: Student Leadership in Groups and Organizations* Fall
*Courses are tentative and subject to change

Global Classrooms Signature Courses

Course Name Term(s) Offered
ARCH688A: Advanced Selected Topics in Architectural Technologies; Carbon Neutral Development through Net Zero Summer
FMSC286: Assisted Reproductive Law and Policy in the US and Brazil Summer
MIEH607: A Risk Based Approach to Ensure Global Food Safety and Security Summer
HONR269T: Honors Seminar: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan* Fall
LASC348A/WMST379L/HIST328I: Special Topics in Latin America Studies; Online and in the Streets: Protests and Activism in Latin American Feminist Movements Fall
MITH301/CMLT398M/ENGL378M/LASC348C: Digital Publishing with Minimal Computing: Humanities at a Global Scale* Fall
NFSC230: Global Nutrition Sensitive Food Systems* Fall
*Courses are tentative and subject to change

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