UMD: A Globally Connected University

Global Learning at Home

Global Learning at Home

Internationalization at home is a core component of how the office of Global Learning Initiatives (GLI) advances Global Learning for All. Discover the resources and opportunities that GLI provides to UMD's students that can help you achieve your goals.

Global Classrooms

Global Classroom courses offer UMD students the opportunity to participate in engaged, significant, and easily accessible credit-bearing international experiences that mirror in process, means, and impact the type of professional interaction that they will encounter upon graduation: cross-cultural, virtual, and project-based. 

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U21 Global Citizens

The U21 Global Citizens Program is a three-week online leadership course designed to help students develop the skills needed to advance their understanding of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Annually, 75 selected UMD students will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with a cohort of students from across U21’s international network.

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U21 Sustainable Micro-internships

U21 Sustainable Micro-internships allow students to work with fellow students from across the globe, sharing knowledge and expertise while immersing themselves in a commercial organization. This experience seeks to challenge students' abilities while developing key skills enabling them to thrive in the modern workplace.

In this free and online international internship, students will form quick partnerships with sustainability-minded students from across the globe, spanning 18 countries and 19 time zones.

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U21 RISE Showcase and Awards

RISE (Real Impact on Society and Environment) is U21’s international showcase of student achievement in sustainability and social innovation. It is designed to accelerate the scale and impact of student-led projects by connecting them with a network of experts in academia and industry. RISE welcomes current projects that focus on global challenges–such as affordable and clean energy, gender equality, quality education, or clean water and sanitation–as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. UMD is one of 27 members of the U21 network, which brings together research-intensive universities from six continents to exchange knowledge and perspectives.

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Virtual Global Research Internships

The Virtual Global Research Internships program is an online and international experience that connects students and faculty interested in conducting research and/or creative projects at UMD with faculty and students at international partner institutions.  

The program aims to enhance and stimulate global research collaboration, connecting researchers with undergraduate students within new, creative, and innovative global research opportunities.


The Talk2Me program pairs UMD undergraduate students interested in practicing Spanish with students from UC Chile for weekly conversations. During this eight-week program, students will meet with their UC partner once a week  for at least one hour and exchange ideas on a given topic. Because the program's purpose is to practice English and Spanish through conversations, participants are expected to have sufficient knowledge of their partner's language to actively participate in the activity.

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