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Maryland Global Stories: A Year in Review

Maryland Global Stories: A Year in Review

May 22, 2023

Join us for a look back at some of our fearless Terps and how they have both shaped and been shaped by global learning experiences and our community of support at the University of Maryland during academic year 2022-2023.

  1. Let’s Show Up for Our International Students — A Conversation with Jody-Heckman Bose

This interview with Jody Heckman-Bose, our own Associate Director of International Students & Scholar Services (ISSS) kicked off our Maryland Global storytelling series. In this story, Heckman-Bose reflects on the need for fostering human connection between international and domestic students on-campus, and reminds us that small gestures of kindness can create the biggest personal impacts.

  1. Language Partner Program Fosters Community and Understanding on Campus 

The Language Partner Program (LPP) stands out as the premiere opportunity for domestic and international students to come together in pursuit of a common goal: foreign language acquisition. Xinyu Zhai, LPP program coordinator, shares how his time as a former participant in similar programs at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, rapidly accelerated his proficiency in the English language, and informs his current passion for the LPP at UMD. 

  1. A New Era Emerges: A Conversation with GLI Director Raluca Nahorniac 

In the 2022-23 academic year, we launched the office of Global Learning Initiatives, with our own Raluca Nahorniac serving as director. She shares her goals for this new office, and her more than 10 year journey towards making virtual global learning not just a supplement to existing study abroad programs, but an equally valuable opportunity for students on campus.

  1. Exchange Student and Cellist Clémence Pautrat Finds Passion-Driven UMD Community in the University Orchestra

Clémence Pautrat, cellist and French incoming exchange student for the 2022-23 academic year, found her community on campus through the University Orchestra. In this interview, she shares how the encouragement of UMD to pursue her academic and personal passions was central to her finding a sense of belonging overseas. 

  1. Community of Care: How UMD Shows up for Ukrainian Students & Staff, One Year After the Invasion

In February 2022, the world watched as Russia invaded Ukraine. One year later, we spoke with Tetiana Tytko, third year Ph.D. student and founder of UMD’s Ukrainian Student Association. In this interview, Tytko shares how she was able to transform her grief into purpose, and how UMD helped her and other Ukrainians cope with the crisis from afar.

  1. The Case for Study Abroad as Career Development — Sophia Wooden 

During the Spring 2023 semester, Sophia Wooden, junior marketing major, studied abroad in Barcelona through the Maryland-in-Barcelona program. Wooden shares how studying abroad enabled her to intern in Paris with Aeffe S.p.A, major luxury fashion retailer. Further, Wooden highlights how this experience was foundational as a hopeful creative looking to enter the highly competitive fashion industry.