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Acceptable Funding

Acceptable Funding



There are 3 categories of funding:

  • Personal: Funding listed under your own name (not a friend or family member’s).
  • University: Assistantship, Fellowships, Scholarships, and Stipends given by UMD (typically from the department in which you are studying).
  • Other Funding: Family/Friend Sponsorship or Government Funding. (F-1 students are not permitted to be the financial sponsors of other F-1 students)


Funding must be in English and accessible to the student immediately. If your funding type is not listed below, please email us at:

Accepted Forms of Funding Non-Accepted Forms of Funding
  • Checking account
  • Savings account
  • Any type of term deposit account that matures before the start of the school year (RD, FD, CD, Etc)







  • Solvency certificates
  • Bank letters that do not provide a current balance
  • Property
  • Pension
  • Provident funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Stock shares
  • Trust funds
  • Loan sanction letters
  • Any type of term deposit account that matures after the start of the school year (RD, FD, CD, Etc)
  • F-1 student sponsoring another F-1 student

The proof of funding must:

  • Be dated within the past 3 months
  • Clearly indicate the name of the account holder(s)
  • Show the account number (at least the last few digits)
  • Show type of the account 
  • Show the current balance/total amount of money in the account
  • A maturity date if the account is any type of term deposit account 

YOU MAY ONLY PROVIDE THREE PROOFS OF FUNDING IN TOTAL - For example: 2 bank accounts and 1 fixed deposit.We understand this may require you to condense several accounts.

If your family/friend is supplying copies of their bank statements, we also need a signed letter from each supporting sponsor, in English, or with an attached translation, stating that they are giving you that money for your educational expenses.  

  • If your sponsor resides outside of the United States, the Letter of Sponsorship should be completed and signed by your sponsor.
  • If your sponsor resides within the United States, an Affidavit of Support (I-134 form signed by all sponsors) is required.

If you have dependent(s), please show additional financial support of $4,500 per year for each dependent.

Click here to view the Estimated Cost of Attendance for your academic program.

Please note: this is only an estimate of your tuition, fees, and living expenses. Your academic department will be able to give you the best estimate of your tuition. 

Effective Fall 2017, the University of Maryland (UMD) began charging a fee of $125 per semester for all newly enrolled students requiring an I-20 issued by the University or degree seeking students in J-1 status.  Students  enrolled in an academic program operating on the 12-week calendar, who require an I-20 issued by UMD  or a DS-2019 will be charged a fee of $62.50 per term.  UMD will use the revenue from this fee to enhance support for our international students to include improved academic support, expanded assistance for students transitioning to the U.S. and international student-focused cultural events to foster an engaged, supportive community.​​


Tuition Calculator

To calculate the costs covered by your University of Maryland Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship or combination you can use the Tuition Calculator available on the ISSS website:
Based on the Letter Received:
  • Choose Your Program of Study
  • Select whether you have received an Assistantship, Fellowship or Both
  • Select the level of Tuition Remission (select “Other” if you are given an exact funding amount for tuition).
  • Enter Total Scholarship Amount from any Fellowship (enter numbers only, no comas or dollar signs)
  • Enter the Total Stipend Amount from the Graduate Assistantship (enter numbers only, no comas or dollar signs)
  • Enter the number of dependents you plan to join you.
  • Click Submit to see how much you still need to show, if anything
Please note that we cannot accept funding amounts that are not guaranteed. 

If you need an estimate for less than a 12 month window, please reach out to a ISSS Student Advisor.

If you have additional questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page.