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English Conversation Program (ECP)

English Conversation Program (ECP)

For ten weeks during the semester, participants meet with a fluent English speaking facilitator in group sessions.

During conversation sessions in English participants engage through discussions on various topics and other activities planned by the facilitator.

Why join ECP?

ECP Participation Quick Facts

  • 81% of students report the ECP program improved their speaking confidence, with an average of 2 points of confidence gained by each student on a scale of 1 to 10
  • 89% of students felt that participating in ECP assisted in their transition to living in the US and at UMD
  • 94% of students would like to participate again

"Would you recommend this program to new students?" - Quotes from participants​

  • "Yes! If you want to start your fearless English conversation with others, ECP is your first stop! : )"
  • "This program can provide incoming students with an opportunity to understand US and other countries' culture and make friends."
  • "It is a good chance to ask a native speaker of something about real American culture and some sensitive issues in the U.S."
  • "Yes, ECP can be a safe place where you can practice spoken English with no worries, and also facilitate you learning more about US culture and getting used to it as soon as possible."
  • “I would highly recommend this program, because it helps me a lot not only to practice English, but also learn various things from our group members and facilitator.”
  • "It's awesome!"
  • "Very useful and helpful! Join us!"

Who can join?


All UMD members including students (both graduate and undergraduate), staff, faculty, international visiting scholars can join the ECP Program as participants free of charge. Additionally, spouses of UMD members are eligible.

Anyone can join. Community members included with some exceptions.

How to join ECP

ECP will start back up in the fall! Until then, please fill out this interest form to hear about upcoming updates: