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F-1 Change of Status to H-1B

F-1 Change of Status to H-1B

Are you currently in F-1 status and the recipient of an approved H-1B petition?
If so, congratulations on your change of status!

Please review the following information about completing your reporting requirements and ending the F-1 status:

For students who have an approved USCIS I-797 showing that the H-1B will begin on October 1: In order to close out your F-1 immigration status, we would recommend taking the following steps on before September 30 (you may lose your access to the iTerp system shortly after October 1, so it is recommended to do this before this date):

  • Upload a copy of your I-797 approval notice. Please log on to iTerp and in the “F-1 Student Services” menu, fill out the “Exit Plan” form. Select that you will “Change Status to another non-immigrant or immigrant status” and that you are “Waiting Final approval of my visa category change”. You can then upload the I-797 approval notice (make sure it is the one that shows that the H-1B petition has been approved).
  • ALL STUDENTS ON OPT OR STEM EXTENSION: Report the end date of your employment. Please log on to iTerp and in the “OPT/STEM Services” menu, report the end date of your OPT employment using the “OPT: Update Existing Employer Information” form. You will record the end date of your employment on OPT as September 30.
  • ALL STUDENTS ON STEM EXTENSION: Upload your I-983 with final evaluation. Please log on to iTerp and in the “OPT/STEM Services” menu, fill out the “STEM: I-983 Final Evaluation” form. Upload your I-983 with the final evaluation completed. Please make sure you upload a document that includes sections 1, 2, 3 and has the final evaluation completed and signed by your employer. 

Please note that beginning October 1, you are officially in H-1B status and the University of Maryland will no longer be your visa sponsor. While you should save your I-20s as part of your historical immigration record, you will no longer need the I-20 when traveling and will not require a travel signature. Please refer to your employer’s immigration attorney or staff for any questions you have about your H-1B visa status.