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Financial Resources

Financial Resources

Prior to obtaining an I-20 form or a DS-2019, students are required to demonstrate proof of financial resources to support their education at the University of Maryland. With that said, we wanted to share some ways in which students may be able to access scholarships, loans and connect them to other online resources with information that may be helpful to them.

Key reminders

  • It is important to understand that no list of scholarship is comprehensive.
  • At the University of Maryland there is no centralized depository of scholarship information. This is very important to understand. You should contact your department for scholarship information and deadlines. 
  • As international students you may not qualify for all opportunities, be sure to check the eligibility of the scholarship/loan prior to applying. 

Where to start?

  • Contact your college/school or academic department. The deadlines, requirements, and scholarship awards vary by college and sometimes are stipulated by the donors. These scholarships are specific to UMD students in your major/school. While it may feel like you are competition with many students, you are not. It is more likely that you will be awarded a scholarship from within UMD than outside. For outside organizations your pool of competitors is larger. Sign up for listservs, follow your department on social media, often opportunities are shared widely. Ask your professors if they know of anything as well. They may be aware of opportunities outside of UMD.
  • Campus Resources
  • External Organization and Resources

    Now that you have identified the scholarships, what do you do?

    1. Read the entire application. Do you meet the eligibility requirements? If not, do not apply.
    2. Does the application ask for a reference letter from a faculty or advisor? Be sure to reach to your professors, and give them at least two weeks to complete the recommendation letter.
    3. Does it require an essay? If yes, start early and use UMD’s resources to make it standout! (Undergraduate Writing Center ; Graduate Writing Center)
    4. Submit your application by the deadline. Somewhere on the website or on the application you should see the date in which the recipients will be notified.