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Important Reminders for Fall 2022

Important Reminders for Fall 2022

Below you will find important reminders as you head into the fall 2022 semester.

Returning to campus

  • There are no longer any Covid flexibilities for F1/J1  students.  All F1 and J1 students are required to attend in person courses for the Fall 2022 semester.  
  • Return to Maryland guidelines. In order to come to campus all of the 4Maryland requirements must be met.  Visit the 4Maryland portal to see that you are cleared to engage on campus. Requirements include a Moderna or Pfizer booster.


  • Each fall and spring semester F1 and J1 students are required to register for and complete  a full course of in person study.   Only one online course can be counted toward that full time enrollment
  •  Graduate students who need to be outside the US during the semester for research purposes should contact an ISSS advisor.  Students must receive a letter from your advisor outlining the need for research done outside the US.   ISSS will  then indicate on your SEVIS record that you have been approved to remain on F1 status while outside the US during the semester.
  • If the Fall 2022 semester will be your final term of enrollment and you will be enrolled in less than a full-time courseload (12 credits for undergraduate students/ 48 units for graduate students), please make sure that you complete the part-time enrollment authorization eform in iTerp as soon as possible. 

Other important reminders

Enjoy any remaining time you have during the summer and we look forward to a great fall 2022 semester. ISSS offers both in person and virtual appointments as well as chat hours throughout the week.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your ISSS advising team.

Updated 7/25/2022