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J-1 Funding Guide

J-1 Funding Guide

In order for the ISSS to issue a DS-2019, scholars must demonstrate financial support for the full period of the requested academic appointment.

To ensure compliance with FLSA and Faculty Affairs policy, host departments should use the Faculty Affairs Salary Guidelines to determine salary for postdoctoral and research positions. Paid researchers and faculty should be awarded a salary that meets department and University equity standards and is commensurate with the scholar’s related experience.

Funding Requirements Per Month Per Year
Scholar only $ 3,320 $ 39,831
Scholar plus first dependent (spouse or child) $ 3,695 $ 44,331
Scholar plus two dependents $ 4,070 $ 48,831
For each additional dependent beyond two, add $ 375 $ 4,500

*Estimates are based on the Faculty Salary Guidelines. Funding requirements are subject to change at any time.