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Message from ISSS Director


February 1, 2017

Dear International Students, Faculty, Researchers and Staff,

International Students and Scholars Services is deeply concerned about the two executive orders signed by the U.S. president on January 27th relating to Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements and Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the US.

These orders directly oppose the University’s and America’s values of openness to exchange of ideas and of being a place that embraces diversity.

We are reaching out to our international community to assure you that ISSS is committed to helping our international population during this uncertain time. When an Executive Order is issued, there is a period of uncertainly as the responsible agencies move to implement the order. As we have already seen, there may also be legal challenges to Executive Orders and/or new regulations may be written to clarify the order. During this time we must comply with the order, understanding that there is a period of time when there are no definitive answers. ISSS will keep up with these changes and will post any new information on our website, along with the current interpretation of the situation.

Because of the entry restrictions cited in the Executive Order, we strongly recommend that students and scholars who are affected defer travel outside the U.S. until there is fuller assessment of the Executive Order and its implementation, including resolution of several newly mounted legal challenges.

We have added a section to our website to address the changes and the possible impacts on our international community. This section will be updated with information and news as the situation evolves. We also encourage you to contact us directly with any concerns you may have. Please use the following email to reach out to the office:

The University provides many resources to help students during this uncertain time. In addition to the ISSS office we encourage you to consider other campus resources such as Counseling Services, Graduate Legal Aid, Undergraduate Legal Aid, Campus Chaplains, and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

With our best wishes during these confusing and uncertain times,


Susan Dougherty
International Student and Scholar Services