UMD: A Globally Connected University

Orientation Student Leaders

The 2019 Orientation Leaders are ready to welcome our incoming international students at the University of Maryland, review their bio to learn more about them. This exclusive group of leaders was chosen to facilitate in the transition, and welcome of new international students to the UMD community. 

Mansoor Ahmed

Originally from Pakistan, Mansoor is a Fulbright grantee, pursuing a Masters in Architecture, whilst serving as the Member of the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Maryland, and an associate member of the Institute of Architects of Pakistan (IAP). He is licensed from the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP). Mansoor earned Bachelor of Architecture, graduating at the top of his class, from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore. He currently leads SURBLUND Consultants, a renowned architecture consultancy.

A. Esther Amawuda
My name is Esther, and I am also an international student at the University of Maryland. I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a major in Government & Politics with a minor in Law & Society. I am from a small country in West Africa named Togo and have been in the U.S. for almost 3 years. Now that you know a bit about me, I want to welcome you all to your new campus and wish you good luck on your journey.

Suraj Choudhary Balla

Hey peeps, I'm Suraj Choudhary Balla!  I’m a Master in Engineering Cybersecurity student studying at University of Maryland College Park. I'm also an international graduate student. I love to meet new people! Looking forward to seeing you guys at orientation.

Carmen Bodziak

My name is Carmen Bodziak, and I am a senior studying marketing and supply chain management with a minor in public leadership. I'm from Howard County, Maryland and spent last semester abroad in Barcelona (and had the time of my life!). Aside from classes, I am also a tour guide, a brother of two professional fraternities on campus, and an employee at the Stamp Student Union. I love hiking, going out with my friends, and trying new food! Get ready for an amazing year at UMD!
Raviteja Boyana My name is Raviteja. I am a graduate student at UMD, pursuing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I am from India and was admitted to UMD during the spring 2019 semester.
Sri Chebrolu My name is Sri Chebrolu, and I am an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics. I recently studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, and absolutely loved it. My interests are in traveling, weightlifting, music, cooking, politics, and finance. I love meeting new people and learning about them and their background. I am always up to try new things and rarely shy away from adventure.
Megan Czysz Hi, my name is Megan Czysz, and I’m an undergraduate student studying civil engineering. I’m from Maryland and studied abroad in Norway last semester. It was amazing, and one of the best experiences of my life, and I hope you all have an amazing time while here. In my free time I love to be outdoors, whether that’s playing sports with friends or hiking, and I’m also a big fan of board games. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I can’t wait to meet you all.
Luna C. Rubi I am a junior at UMD, double majoring in Spanish and Film Studies, with a minor in Latin American Studies. My pronouns are they/them/theirs and prefer any neutral pronouns in the languages you speak have. I am from Costa Rica, and I also studied abroad there for an entire semester. I am in the Maryland Filmmakers Club, and I often visit the LGBT+ Equity Center for different groups and events. I like to play video games, walk, and bike, among other things, in my free-time. I am very excited to meet you all!
Laila-Rose Galvin My name is Laila-Rose Galvin, and I am a senior International Business and Supply Chain major. I am from Silver Spring, Maryland and I studied in Vienna, Austria this past spring semester. I love traveling, going to concerts, and eating good food. If I could be a flavor of ice cream, it would be Pistachio. One of my goals in life is to become fluent in over 3 languages, so if anyone wants to practice with me, please let me know!
Onimitein Georgewill My name is Nimi Georgewill. I am from the southern part of Nigeria. I am a Junior majoring in Public Health Science on a pre-med track with a minor French. I plan on attending the Maryland-in-Montpellier program this summer. On-campus, I am involved with Public Health Without Borders, the Navigators (campus ministry), and I enjoy playing intramural soccer.
Sai Goutham Reddy Yeddula
My name is Goutham, a graduate student in the Department of Animal Science. I am ready to help you understand this new organisational structure, which will be reflected in all facets of your lives at UMD. I wish that you all have an incredible journey ahead in the UMD. I am really excited to see you all.
Negheen Guiv Hello everyone! I am Negheen and will be going into my third year as an undergraduate student. I am a Romance Languages major and a Persian Studies minor. I have had two amazing study abroad experiences in Spain and Cuba, and cannot wait to go abroad again in the Spring. I am excited to meet you all and welcome you to UMD!
Jili Hao Hi, my name is Jili Hao. I am a rising senior, majoring in Finance, Information Systems and Statistics. I come from Shandong, China and have studied in France, Morocco and my hometown, China. Welcome to UMD! Remember to be fearless and Go Terps!
Nur Hanisah Mohamed Haris Hi! I am Nur, a senior Dietetics major. I'm from Malaysia. Welcome to the University of Maryland!
Fan Jiang My name is Fan. I am a rising junior, and this is my third year at UMD. I double major in Computer Science and Communication. I am from China, and my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.
Grace Kelly
My name is Grace Kelly, and I am an undergraduate senior studying Public Policy and minoring in the Spanish language. Last Spring, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, and loved immersing myself in the Spanish culture! I ate so many tapas, took siestas, and enjoyed the relaxed style of life. At Maryland, I am a tour guide, and a member of two fraternities, one for community service and one for public policy. In my free time, I like going to farmers markets, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends. I love Maryland and am excited for you all to experience all of the great opportunities the school offers!
Caitlin Kim My name is Caitlin, and I am a senior studying environmental science and policy (ENSP) with a concentration in economics. I studied abroad during the spring '19 semester in Seoul at Yonsei University. During my time there, I loved trying new foods and taking Korean language classes. At UMD, I lead cleanup and service projects with the ENSP student advisory board, am a peer mentor at the Oral Communication Center, and am involved with the Global Fellows Program.
Peiyuan Luo My name is Vicky Luo. I’m from Shanghai, China. I am a Master student studying in Quantitative Finance. I spent 3 wonderful years in UMD as an undergraduate student; I believe you will love UMD as much as I do. I can speak English and Mandarin. Please feel free to ask me anything; I will try my best to answer them. Can’t wait to meet you all!
Jenn Milhiser Hi, my name is Jenn, and I’m a senior undergrad majoring in psychology. I just returned from studying in Birmingham, UK in the spring and I’m so excited to help new students get to know UMD! I’m originally from Maryland, and I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the area, including DC, or traveling in the states in general!
Tianqiao Pan

My name is Tianqiao Pan and you can call me Henry. I am from China and I have been in the US for over 3 years. I am a senior terp major in both criminology and psychology. As for my interests, I am a huge sports fan. Soccer, basketball, and football are my favorite sports. Besides, I love watching movies and shows especially about crimes and laws. I am a really easy-going person so please feel free to ask if you need some help.

Zachary Pitassi Hi, my name is Zach, and I am a senior majoring in Finance. I spent last summer abroad in Prague, where I got the opportunity to intern at a startup accelerator. My favorite part about UMD in the fall semester is attending football games and tailgates. Football games have been some of my best memories as a student here, and I would highly recommend attending. Along with the campus life and culture, UMD is also great because of the proximity to Washington D.C. If you are looking for something to do outside of the UMD community, there is always something going on; my favorites include going to concerts, museums, and exploring unfamiliar places. 
Barret Rus Hi everyone! My name is Barret, and I am a senior in the Smith School of Business studying Information Systems and Operations Management. I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria last semester, and I am always looking for people to help me improve my German! I love all outdoor activities, including hiking, caving, and rock climbing, especially in our beautiful national parks. I also enjoy urban exploration and try to find cool restaurants and off the beaten path destinations in cities around the world!

Venae Sidhu

Hey, I’m Venae Sidhu. I’m a dual major, Computer Science and Operations Management & Business Analytics, in my fourth and final year of undergrad. I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and I studied abroad in London in Spring 2019. During my study abroad, I travelled to over a dozen countries in Europe, and I’ve also been to India, which is where my parents and most of my family is from. I also work as a Teaching Assistant for the Computer Science department during the school year.
Shivangi Hey! I am Shivangi. I am a graduate student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I am doing my MS in Information Systems and will be graduating in December 2019. I am from India. I am a proud terp and have explored the city of College Park as well as one can in two semesters. I can give you great pointers on getting around the campus, being involved in student clubs and activities, great food and coffee joints and of course, how to settle in, handle stress and be your best self as a student at the University of Maryland.
Christian Sorteberg My name is Christian Sorteberg, and I am currently a senior aerospace engineering student. I love to travel - I took a semester abroad in Manchester my sophomore year, lived in Denmark for a couple of years, and am currently returning from a trip to Vietnam & Indonesia. I also love to play soccer/football. I am on the club soccer team at UMD and play on a less competitive intramural team with my friends. If you’re interested in soccer, traveling the US, or just having a good time at UMD, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Liuan Yang My name is Liuan Yang, and I am an international student myself from China. Currently, I am a graduate student in Second Language Acquisition Master's program. I am excited to contribute to the International Student Orientation this summer and meet up with the new Terps who bring their unique languages and cultures from different parts of the world!
Wenli Zhao My name is Wenli (Whitney) Zhao, and I major in Quantitative Finance. I am from Shenzhen, China! I’m also a Graduate Teaching Assistant, so feel free to talk to me if you have any questions regarding college life or graduate school.
Dunhuan Zheng My name is Dunhuan Zheng, or Billy, as a nickname. I am a senior majoring in Spanish. I am originally from Shenzhen, China. I have studied abroad in Brazil and Chile. I am an animal liberation activist and a dedicated unicyclist.