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SEVIS Transfer In

SEVIS Transfer In

NOTE: You must transfer your SEVIS record to the University of Maryland within 60 days after completing your studies or ending OPT at your current institution.


1. Complete the iTerp Checklist

Once admitted to the University of Maryland (UMD), you will receive an email from ISSS with instructions on how to begin the electronic process of requesting an I-20 through the UMD's internet-based system iTerp. Complete the items on the checklist and be sure to submit each eForm. You can find additional information on how to complete the checklist here: Obtain I-20 (F1) / DS-2019 (J1)

On the eForm titled, F-1/J-1 Transfer Form Required, select "Yes" and additional screen items will appear:

 - Enter your Current Institution Name.

- Enter your current institution ID information.

- Enter the end date of your current I-20/DS-2019 program.

- Provide the name and email address for your current international student advisor. Your current international student advisor will receive an email within 24 hours of submitting this eForm notifying them to process your request to transfer your F-1 SEVIS record from your current institution to the University of Maryland.

- You will work with your current international advisor to determine the date to electronically release your SEVIS record to UMD. Again, this must occur within 60 days after completing your studies or ending OPT at your current institution.

ISSS will process your UMD I-20 or DS-2019 after review and approval of the checklist.

Once your I-20 is processed, you will receive an email requesting you to log into iTerp and complete the Mailing / Pick-up eForm.

When you receive your I-20, sign page one.

2. Complete the SEVIS Transfer In Process:

- Complete the Arrival Check in Process - Documents check upload here: (iTerp Check-in/Documents Check, SEVIS Verification and attend ISSS Immigration Session during Orientation.

ISSS will officially complete the transfer process and activate your SEVIS record once you have attended the ISSS Immigration Session and registered for the required number of courses.

You will be issued a new I-20 document that indicates the transfer is complete. 

Remember...Failure to complete the Transfer Process in a timely manner is a violation of your status.