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Tax Deadlines are Approaching

Tax Deadlines are Approaching

The deadline for filing 2022 Federal Tax Returns is
Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

As an international student or scholar, your U.S. sourced income may be subject to taxation. It is a federal obligation to file a tax return if you earned U.S.-sourced income as a nonresident alien. A tax return is a compilation of various tax forms that compares what an international student or scholar paid in taxes against what the U.S. government calculates the student/scholar should have paid in taxes during the prior calendar year.

Tax Status

There are two different tax statuses for an international student or scholar: resident alien (RA)  for tax purposes and nonresident alien (NRA) for tax purposes. These tax statuses are significant because they determine what U.S. tax laws you will follow. The tax laws for the nonresident aliens for tax purposes are much different from the tax laws for resident aliens for tax purposes. Filing under the incorrect tax designation may result in taxes owed back to the government, so it is important to file correctly.  Glacier Tax Prep will assist you with assessing if you are a Nonresident alien for tax purposes.   These tax statuses are not the same as your current immigration status. 

Federal Returns

All of the tax workshops for Federal returns have concluded and terp tax appointments are full at this time.  However, there are several things that will assist you with your personal Federal tax filing.
  1. Review the Tax FAQs on the ISSS website.
  2. Review this recording of the Glacier tax workshop given on 03/29/2022.
  3. Log in to your iTerp account to access Glacier Tax*  
    • Click on Tax Service > Glacier Tax Preparation
    • Read over the list of documentation needed.  Click Access Glacier Tax Prep.  You will be redirected to Glacier's website to login with your existing Glacier account or create a new one.  

*This software (subscription cost  paid for by UMD) will guide you through the process of identifying which form you need to file for your Federal tax forms.

State Returns

Where you file your state taxes is based on your residential address.  State taxes must be filed separately from Federal taxes and follow different deadlines.  Glacier tax software may give you the option to file state taxes via Sprintax.  The state filing  service is not free and if you choose to file with Sprintax you are responsible for the fee.  To avoid paying the fee you can download the free state tax forms with your state of residence. 
State Income Tax Filing Deadline
Maryland April 18, 2023
Virginia May 1, 2023
Washington, DC
April 18, 2023


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DISCLAIMER:  International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) is neither licensed nor qualified to provide tax advice and will not do so.  The information provided is intended for your benefit. Any questions or concerns should be directed to TerpTax, a certified tax preparer or a local IRS field office.