UMD: A Globally Connected University

Global Certificate Program: Course Offerings for Culture Track

Below is the complete list of seminars that qualify for the Global Certificate Program and are designated courses in the cultural track. Please check back on this site again in the future, as it will be continually updated as we add more qualifying seminars.

Advising Asian International Students
Academic, Cultural

Noah Jacobs, Academic Advisor in the department of Letters and Sciences, will lead a presentation on his master’s program research on advising Asian international students.

Chinese Culture

Chinese students make up well over 25% of the university’s international student population. Robert Daly, Director of the Maryland China Initiative, will give a presentation on what University administrators need to know about Chinese culture.

Chinese Pronunciation

Do you have a number of new Chinese students or scholars in your department? Are you nervous about properly pronouncing students’ names when you look at your class roster? Join Rebecca McGinnis from the Confucius Institute as she leads a mini-lesson on how to pronounce Romanized Chinese names.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Did you ever think about how many different variables affect the messages we are trying to convey?  Let’s talk about the factors that can affect cross cultural communication, with the goal of minimizing the difficulties in communication.

Cultural Considerations of Academic Integrity and Consequences of Plagiarism for International Students
Academic, Cultural

What cultural factors play into understandings of academic integrity and plagiarism?  What can departments do to educate international students about plagiarism in a way that makes sense from their perspective?  A real understanding of these concepts is crucial, as consequences for international students who are found guilty of cheating or plagiarizing can be dismissal from the university, loss of immigration status and departure from the U.S. What happens after an instructor refers an academic dishonesty case to the Office of Student Conduct? What cultural and immigration factors should be considered during the review process? Join us as we discuss this most serious topic.

Culture Shock

Exhilaration. Disappointment. Acceptance. Adaptation. International students ride an emotional roller coaster soon after their arrival to the United States.  Known as Culture Shock, this phenomenon is an added challenge for our international students who will also have the usual adjustment issues that all new students face.  Please join us to discuss Culture Shock and to view a video on this most important subject. 

Indian Culture

Indian students make up nearly 20% of the university’s international student population.  A brief presentation will be given on what University administrators need to kow about Indian culture.

Introduction to ISSS Services
Academic, Cultural, Employment

Advising International Students and Scholars on immigration matters is only a part of what we do in International Student & Scholar Services. Come learn about some of the other services we offer to students and scholars, and learn more about how you or your department can get involved!

Meet the Director
Academic, Cultural, Employment

Come meet the new Director of International Student & Scholar Services! Susan Ellis Dougherty will give a presentation on the services that the ISSS office offers and lead a discussion about the various international initiatives that are ongoing at the University of Maryland.

Mental Health for International Students
Academic, Cultural

Dr. Yi-Jiun Lin, Staff Psychologist at the Counseling Center, will address the topic of mental health issues for international students.

Preparing Internationals to Return Home
Cultural, Academic, Employment

Just as there is an adjustment cycle to living in a “new” or “host” culture, there are also likely to be adjustment cycles when returning to one’s “home” culture. Come learn how you can help to prepare your international faculty, students, and scholars to “leave well” from Maryland and return strong to their home countries.

Students in Distress  
Cultural, Academic

Many students get depressed and don’t know where to turn. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Come receive training from the University Health Center Mental Health Service’s staff to help you feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the risk of suicide.  

When & How to Say “No”
Cultural, Employment  

Do you ever feel like you are having trouble communicating with international students or employees?  This session will explore common areas of miscommunication and suggest several strategies for effective communication with the international student, scholar, and faculty population.