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The United States has a privatized health care system, which means that health care in the U.S. can be very expensive. It is VERY important to have health insurance if you are visiting the United States for any length of time. If you are a J1 student or scholar, it is a requirement for your visa to have health insurance with emergency evacuation and repatriation.

You can get emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance as a supplemental policy through the university. This is recommended for all students, scholars and visitors. We also suggest that you obtain insurance for your dependents. If you have an assistantship or similar position on-campus, talk to your department about health insurance options.

Evacuation and repatriation is not included in the health insurance options for university employees. The University of Maryland has a separate health insurance plan which includes evacuation and repatriation coverage.

If you are a student, you can use the University of Maryland's Health Center on campus. It costs $15 for most routine medical visits. Insurance is still important for medical emergencies. The Health Center also offers massage, acupuncture and mental health services. You can find information about area hospitals on their website.

All students should bring complete health records for themselves and their dependents. In addition, all new students must have their physician complete the Immunization Form. All students must have measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and international students must have had a tuberculosis (TB) test within the past six months.