UMD: A Globally Connected University

J-1 Department Responsibilties

During a J-1 exchange visitor program, the hosting department:

  • Monitors employee while at UMD to ensure the successful completion of their J-1 program objective and hosting supervisor serves as a mentor
  • Serves as the liaison between ISSS and the international employee 
    • Responds to pre-arrival emails  
    • Notifies ISSS of changes in program dates
    • Serves as a first point of contact for the international visitor prior to their arrival
  • Reports any changes in employment conditions to ISSS prior to implementation
    • Terminations
    • Transfers
    • Pay increases/decreases
    • Maintaining program objective or job duties as per contract/offer letter
  • Ensures that all J-1 visitors check-in with ISSS and attend an orientation session
  • Ensures that all J-1 visitors are aware of health insurance requirements and provide proof to ISSS
  • Ensures that all J-1 visitors remain in J-1 status for at least 3 years before requesting a change of status to H-1B Employment Visa
  • Assists scholars with the online check-in process.  Upon arrival on campus, the scholar will check-in with your unit. If the scholar needs assistance with the online check-in process, please assist them with scanning and uploading their documents electronically.  For online documents check-in, go to and click on "Submit Documents to ISSS" on the right hand side.
  • No University fees (including bench fees) may be charged to the foreign national during the length of the program.  When sponsoring a J-1 exchange visitor departments must absorb the administrative costs of hosting the exchange visitor.