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J-1 Scholars and Faculty

J-1 Scholars and Faculty


ISSS assists international scholars and faculty in obtaining the maximum benefit during their stay at the University of Maryland. We are prepared to help you with questions about immigration requirements, housing, employment terms, and community life.  The diversity of this campus, along with the proximity to the Washington D.C. metro area, provides you with many opportunities to make your stay here in the U.S. a memorable and beneficial one.  We hope that through navigating this site and visiting ISSS we will be able to assist you as best we can and make your time here at the University of Maryland prosperous and enjoyable!

Application Process |  Arriving at UMD  |  Orientation  |  Temporary Housing Resources
Change of Status  |  Dependents  |   Extension of Stay  |  Health  Insurance 
  Incidental Employment  |  Maintaining Status  |  Social Security
Transfer  |  Travel Abroad  |  Waiver

For advice, questions and information, consult your J-1 Responsible Officer. 

  • If your J-1 sponsor is the University of Maryland, then consult with one of our Faculty and Scholar Advisors, Connie Jesse Lira or Mimi Lemma.  You may also consult by phone at 301-314-7740.
  • If your J-1 sponsor is an agency, and if you are uncertain how to reach your J-1 Responsible Officer, staff in International Student & Scholar Services at the University of Maryland can help you contact the agency, but they have no authority over your J-1 visa status.