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J1 Scholar Immigration Document Check-In

J1 Scholar Immigration Document Check-In

iTerp Check-In allows international faculty, scholar, and students to submit their immigration documents online to the ISSS office.

  1. To login to iTerp ( select Limited Services to sign in with your University ID (UID), Date of Birth, and iTerp Pin*

    (*If you don't know your PIN you can request that it be emailed to you.  When requesting your iTerp Pin enter the email address you've used to communicate with your department. The PIN will be sent immediately to that email adderss.)

  1. Once logged in click on J-1 Scholar Services > Documents Check-In.  Click on each of the e-forms to submit your immigration documents. 
    • Visa Stamp Information and Upload
    • Upload Your I-94 Record (click here to retrieve  your electronic I-94 record (click on Get Most Recent I-94)
    • US. Address and Emergency Contact (If you do not have a US address you can your temporary US address at the time of check-in.)  

  1. When all of the above eforms have been submitted you will receive an email confirmation from ISSS.

Once you've activated your UMD email account you can login to iTerp via Full Client Services with your UMD Directory ID and password.