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"Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" (On-line book talk, f. Prof. Yael Warshel, Penn State U.)

"Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" (On-line book talk, f. Prof. Yael Warshel, Penn State U.)



Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Prof. Yael Warshel

Monday | October 18, 2021 | 12:30 PM EDT

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Discussion moderated by Prof. Scott Lasensky

Yael Warshel is an Assistant Professor in the Bellisario College of
Communications and Research Associate of the Rock Ethics Institute at
Pennsylvania State University, where she is Founding Director of the
Children, Media, and Conflict Zones Lab. An expert on media and young
people in Middle Eastern and African conflict zones, and specializing in
peace communication, Warshel has worked for UNESCO, authored
numerous articles, including in the Journal of Global Ethics, and
co-edited Election Studies: What's Their Use (2001) with Elihu Katz.
She won three Top Dissertation Awards, from the International
Communication Association, National Communication Association and
Peace Studies, and a Top Paper Award from the Middle East Studies
Association for her analysis of the fieldwork on which this book is partially


Over the last eighty years there has been a global rise in ‘peace communication’ practice, i.e. the use of
interpersonal and mass communication interventions to mediate between peoples engaged in political conflict.

In this study, Yael Warshel assesses Israeli and Palestinian versions of Sesame Street, which targeted
negative inter-group attitudes and stereotypes. Merging communication, peace and conflict studies, social
psychology, anthropology, political science, education, Middle Eastern, and childhood studies, this book provides
a template to think about how audiences receive, interpret, use and are influenced by peace communication.

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