UMD: A Globally Connected University


European Universities ‘Losing Monopoly’ Over Research

Danish academic says that building a knowledge economy is no longer a ‘dominant wish’ for country leaders. 

Shifting Grounds in Higher Education Partnerships

I will single out three emerging—and “progressive”—trends with some implications for African higher education. 

US Tops Global Soft Power Ranking

The US at the top of the table because of its strength in higher education, cultural production and technological innovation. 

Expansion in Global Higher Education ‘Has Increased Inequality’

Study suggests mass higher education increases the dominance of the middle class over opportunities. 

Climate Action on Campus and Beyond

Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement, the question of climate ambition turned into one of climate implementation. 

US: Long-Awaited SEVP Guidance “Coming Soon”

“The close to 30 guidance documents that we have developed should be surfacing fairly soon." 

World Insight: the Future of Higher Education in South Asia

We have reached a key moment in the development of the region's higher education sector. 

New Joint UMD Sadat Chair-Brookings Institution Poll Explores American Attitudes on Middle East Refugees

The poll’s key findings were released Monday, June 13 during an event held at the Brookings Institution. 

Protecting Values in Overseas Ventures

Universities that set up shop globally should work to uphold principles such as academic freedom. 

Brexit Government 'Would Fund EU Research Programmes Until 2020'

UUK warns that EU funding 'goes beyond money' after open letter from pro-Leave ministers.