UMD: A Globally Connected University


GEFI Event Puts A Spotlight On Education At UN Sustainable Development Summit

The right to education is being violated at this very moment in disadvantaged communities.

Gravitational Wave Detection Validates Einstein & Early Work of UMD Physicists

An international team of scientists that includes UMD physicists has opened an unprecedented new window on the universe with the first observation of ripples.

Students Report Record Interest In Improving And Understanding Of Other Countries & Cultures

The protests that swept across college campuses last year may be here to stay, at least for the next four years.

Spanish And Portuguese Department’s Red Dot Campaign Celebrates Languages, Identity

"We want to raise awareness of how important language and culture proficiency and the humanities are."

The Global Search for Education: Help Failing Students Improve

“All countries can improve their students’ performance, given the right policies and the will to implement them.”

Universities Compete By Teaching In English

The rise of universities teaching in English, rather than their own local language, has become a global phenomenon.

US: Distance Learning Enrolments Up Despite For-Profit Drop

More than one in four students in the US was enrolled on at least one distance learning course in 2014.

U.S. Can Still Hit Climate Goals Despite Supreme Court Pause, White House Says

The White House vowed Wednesday that the United States would still meet international commitments to cut carbon emissions.

EU: Half Of Secondary Students Learned Two Foreign Languages

Just over half of all secondary school pupils in the EU studied two or more foreign languages in 2014.

K-12 Interoperability Groups Announce Collaboration On Ed. Data Sharing

The Ed-Fi Alliance and the IMS Global Learning Consortium will focus initially on streamlining the exchange of class-roster and user-authentication data.