UMD: A Globally Connected University


Cosmic Breakthrough: Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves From Violent Black-Hole Merger

Scientists announced Thursday that, after decades of effort, they have succeeded in detecting gravitational wave. 

The Ups And Downs Of Building And Sustaining World Class Universities

Universities in the BRIC countries have their own challenges.

Why The OECD Wants A Global Effort To Measure Student Learning

The decision about which higher education institution to study at ranks has now come under fire.

World Insight: Discomfort Is Part Of An International Curriculum

Global higher education programmes should respond to our unstable world, says Martin Hall.

Global Ed-Tech Funding, Propelled By Big Deals, Reaches New Record

Global funding for educational technology has risen to a record $2.98 billion.

Department Of Energy Selects UMD Team For 2017 Solar Decathlon

The designs were part of the Solar Decathlon that challenges student-led teams from across the globe to create innovative, solar-powered homes.

Deborah Santiago Visits UMD For Discussion On Underrepresented Students, Higher Education

Deborah Santiago fostered a discussion about disadvantages for the Latino community receiving higher education.

OECD: U.S. Efforts Haven't Helped Low Performers on Global Math, Reading Tests

The United States has fewer low-performing students on the Program for International Student Assessment—but only in science.

Teaching Inquiry Through the Study of Endangered Cultures

What can students learn by studying cultures that are disappearing?

A Student CEO's Plea to Educators: Inspire Global Citizenship

A critical part of global competence is taking action to tackle global issues.