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CASL Research Scientist Travels to Africa to Study Luyia Languages

Dr. Christopher R. Green, associate research scientist at the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL), is traveling to Africa.

Study Abroad Alumni Have Better Career Outcomes, Study Finds

A new E.U.-commissioned study examines the region-by-region impact of the Erasmus program.

Maryland Graduate Reflects On Birthright Sderot Visit During Arab-Israeli Conflict

In August 2013, after 19 years of never crossing the Atlantic Ocean, my time had finally come to visit the homeland.

GIIS Establishes Ties With Chinese Universities

The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies at UMD is poised to pursue collaborations with a variety of Chinese academic institutions.

New Research Investigates Dietary Fungal Toxins and Poor Child Growth

High risk regions exist due to climate, poor storage, and limited nutritional diversity.

Cybersecurity Forum Imagines a World Without Secrets

People are sharing their personal information online faster than policymakers can keep pace.

Gallagher And Hitchens Discuss The Weaponization Of Space

Nancy Gallagher Theresa Hitchens participated in a discussion on "Space Weapons and the Risk of Nuclear Exchange."

CISSM Awarded UMD Grant To Crowdsource Space Object Database

The CISSM project to crowdsource a comprehensive, open-access database of space objects received a boost.

Five Reflections on the Paris Climate Talks from a Student Observer

I was fortunate to witness climate change history in Paris at COP21.