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UMD Faculty Member to Serve on International Gene Drive Study Panel

Taneyhill and other committee members will take a look at current regulations and discuss the need for further oversight tied to this technology.

First Global Antineutrino Emission Map Highlights Earth's Core Energy

The neutrino and its antimatter cousin, the antineutrino, are the tiniest subatomic particles known to science.

UMD Study Finds that After Weighing Options, a Majority of Americans Approve Iran Nuclear Deal

The survey found 72 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of independents recommended approval of the deal.

Alumna Impacts U.S. Foreign Policy from Abroad

Alumna Ruby Marcelo ’07 is currently working for the U.S. Department of State as vice counsel at the U.S. Consulate Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Latin America Water Security Depends On Curbing Use By Agriculture - Experts

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean must rein in their thirsty agriculture sector to ensure water security.

School Internationalisation: Whose Opportunity?

Until recently internationalisation has been primarily identified with higher education, even though there is a general recognition.

US Embassy in Cuba Formally Reopens: 'A Day for Pushing Aside Old Barriers'

John Kerry formally reopened the US embassy in Cuba with a flag-raising ceremony on Friday.

Places Terps Go

UMD faculty and students are hiking, discovering and researching across the globe.

Increasing Demand for International Students Calls for Career Services Improvements

Chinese students by far lead the pack when it comes to total international students.

Overseas Study Not Just for China’s Privileged, Study Finds

Nearly two-thirds of Chinese parents interested in sending their children abroad to study are in middle or senior management.