UMD: A Globally Connected University


US, Cuba Relations Leading to College Exchange Programs, International Campuses

With President Obama seeking to normalize relations with Cuba, various colleges are now trying to implement exchange programs with the island nation.  

UMD Rises in Global Scientific Productivity Rankings

UMD ranks No. 14 among public U.S. universities and No. 27 among all U.S. universities.

UMD Hosts LGBTQ Conference for International Education

The University of Maryland hosted its first ever conference on LGBTQ issues in international education. 

Natalie Greene Taylor to Represent UMD at U21 Research Conference

Natalie Greene Taylor is one of three students selected to represent UMD at the U21 Graduate Research Conference 2015: Digital Futures.

UMD Researchers Identify Useful Negotiation Strategies for 'Honor Cultures'

A new study led by UMD shows that Western diplomatic strategies based on rationality may backfire when applied to discussions with “honor cultures."

UMD, Italy & MoonEx Join to Put New Laser-Reflecting Arrays on Moon

The partners said the new arrays will allow more accurate measurements.

UMD Study Concludes Parents Mixing Languages has No Impact on Children's Language Development

A UMD study has found that this “code-switching” has no impact on children’s language development in their home. 

Loh Pushes Partnerships with Asia

After university President Wallace Loh’s 10-day trip to Asia, the university beefed up its collaborations with South Korean and Chinese universities and companies.

UMD Students Receive Critical Language Scholarships to Pursue Studies Around the World

Ten University of Maryland students have received awards from the Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) Program.

UMD Offers Diverse Study Abroad Options through Exchange Programs

In the past two years, Education Abroad has doubled the number of UMD students choosing an exchange program to study abroad.