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#RestoreOurEarth: Three Global Classrooms Courses to Explore Environmental Sustainability

#RestoreOurEarth: Three Global Classrooms Courses to Explore Environmental Sustainability


In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’re sharing some upcoming virtual global learning opportunities you can take advantage of this summer to explore sustainable systems and practices. 

Global Classrooms are an innovative way to gain international experience, virtually, from wherever you are! The three Global Classrooms courses featured below offer you opportunities to join forward-thinking students and faculty from UMD and peer institutions around the world. Together, you will collaborate on grand challenges, gaining real-world skills as you design solutions for meaningful global impact.

Global Classrooms experiences range from immersive, project-based Signature courses to several modalities of global engagement-focused Connections courses that exist as short-term programs or embedded elements within regular UMD courses. Explore new ways of engaging and collaborating across diverse, multi-cultural environments while deepening your understanding of how to contribute to a sustainable future.

Read on to learn more about each course, meet the instructors, and explore which UN Sustainable Development Goals their themes support.


Special Topics in Plant Science: Environmental Sustainability

Course Codes: PLSC489Z/ENSP489Z

Investigate how the continuous impacts of climate change, introduced species (including COVID-19), and the world political and economic stage have shaped the land and culture of New Zealand! Experience New Zealand virtually through live presentations and interviews with local experts as you explore the government’s approaches to several aspects of sustainability such as energy production, biodiversity, tourism, and low-impact urban design.

Type: Global Classrooms Connections

​Who it’s for: All undergraduate students

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Relevant SDGs:

Advanced Selected Topics in Architectural Technologies; Carbon Neutral Development through Net Zero

Course Code: ARCH688A

Examine high-performance building design and related life cycle environmental impact through real case studies! Gain a better understanding of Net Zero building design strategies and the life cycle assessment method. We will also examine carbon neutral development to explore the different development patterns, including Net Impact urban design and planning principles, decision making and policy making.

Type: Global Classrooms Signature

Who it’s for: All graduate students

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Relevant SDG:


A Risk Based Approach to Ensure Global Food Safety and Security 

Course Code: MIEH607

The safety of the U.S. food supply depends on the effectiveness of food safety systems in other countries to ensure that imported products are safe. This collaborative course between the University of Maryland, Cairo University and the Agriculture Research Center, will explore the status and challenges of global food safety and security. International food safety experts from academia, government and food industry are teaching this course, and U.S. students will collaborate with Egyptian students on a joint project.

Type: Global Classrooms Signature

Who it’s for: Graduate and senior undergraduate students

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Relevant SDGs:

Students, don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain skills necessary to thrive in our increasingly diverse and interconnected world, all while sticking to your academic plan. Talk to your advisor to see how Global Classrooms can fit into your schedule. 

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