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UMD and Tel Aviv U. Announce first Joint Research Workshops

Two teams of faculty and graduate students from UMD and Tel Aviv University (TAU) have been awarded $15,000 grants by the new UMD-TAU Joint Research Workshop Program.  Dr. Colin Phillips, Professor of Linguistics and Director, Maryland Language Science Center, along with co-PI, Professor Roni Katzer, Tel-Aviv University Department of Linguistics, will explore a Tel Aviv -­ Maryland Partnership in Language Science Training. Dr. Sandra Crouse Quinn, Professor of Family Science, Senior Associate Director Maryland Center for Health Equity, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Public Health​ will lead with co-PI, Professor Daniel I. Cohen , Director, Tel-Aviv University School of Public Health​, a workshop on Understanding Public Attitudes and Behaviors related to Vaccines. Want to know more? Follow this link.