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Your Summer Term Checklist

Your Summer Term Checklist

**If you do not have a valid passport, you must apply for one NOW!**

Due within 10 days of your admission e-mail:

Visit the Required Forms page for the italicized forms

•     Waiver of Responsibility

•    Health Information Form
•    If you need vaccinations, set up an appointment with the UM Travel Clinic
•    Purchase a seat on the group flight or arrange your own flight
•    As soon as you have your passport, apply for a visa at the Embassy of your host country*

Eight weeks prior to the start date of your program:

•    If you require any accommodations due to disability and/or religious observances, you are responsible for providing written notification to the Education Abroad Office detailing your circumstances so that we can guarantee your full participation in this program
•    In case of withdrawal from the program, you need to provide a written notification to the Education Abroad Office. If you withdraw before eight weeks prior to the start date of your program, you will not be charged a full program fee. If you withdraw within eight weeks of the start date of your program, you will be charge the entire program fee.

Due on or before April 20:

•    Passport & Flight Information Form
•    Health Insurance Verification Form
•    Submit a copy of the photo page of your passport*
•    Register your time abroad with the State Department:
•    ISIC application (optional, although recommended)

Pre-Departure Orientation:

Pre-Departure Orientation at 3:30pm in Room 0131 Armory on April 5th or 7th.
        → Held both days, but you are required to attend only one

Date TBD:

Pre-Departure Meeting with Faculty Director
        → You will be contacted by your Faculty Director regarding this orientation

Due on or before May 20, 2010:

•    Send Final Payment to the Bursar’s Office (Non-UM students should send payment to the Education Abroad Office – see “Special Instructions” for more information)

*You are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel documents for your study abroad program. If you do not have these documents by the start of your program, there is nothing the Education Abroad Office can do on your behalf, and you will still be obligated to the full fee of your program