UMD: A Globally Connected University

Universitas 21

The University of Maryland is a member of Universitas 21  (U21),  a network of 27 research-intensive universities around the globe.  For over 20 years U21 member institutions have worked together on issues of shared importance to their universities and to global higher education more generally, empowering their more than 1 million students and 200,00 staff to share excellence, collaborate across borders and nurture international knowledge exchange to benefit all of its members.

As a member of the University of Maryland community, YOU have access to a wide range of U21 events, special programs, and collaborative groups. Whether you are looking to engage globally through research, teaching, or studying, and whether you are a student, researcher, faculty, or staff, the U21 network provides the platform to internationalize your projects!

Work across the network is focused on three main strategic areas
















Enhancing the Student Experience

International and Online Student Opportunities

RISE Showcase and Awards (student-led projects in the areas of sustainable development, social enterprise and non-profit innovation)

U21 PwC Global Ingenuity Challenge (professional development opportunities for U21 graduate students)

Student Mobility Group (for nominated U21 Student Mobility Officers [SMOs] from each member institution)

Employability Group (a forum for U21 Careers and Employability Professionals)


Watch Dr. Sammey Ramsey's (Ph.D. '18, Entomology) U21 3MT award winning presentation: Varroa destructor: The Curious Case of the Bee Mite's Bite