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Maryland Short-term

Maryland Short-term


Be fearless and spend your break beyond your borders.

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  • Participate in immersive experiences such as site visits, international internships, service-learning opportunities and research projects
  • Form lasting bonds with UMD faculty and students who share your personal and professional interests
  • Earn resident credit abroad, stay on track with your four year plan and apply these credits to your major, minor, or general education requirements

Maryland Short-term programs are UMD faculty-led programs offered during the winter, summer and spring break. From exploring corporate social responsibility as a strategy for sustainable development in Ghana to working in teams with community partners in the Dominican Republic, Maryland Short-term programs give you an opportunity to put your studies to the test! Don't miss this chance to gain experiences valuable to becoming a leader in our increasingly global workforce.

Please view our FAQs page for additional questions. Non-UMD students, non-degree seeking applicants, UMD alumni and recent graduates should also view the FAQs for Non-UMD Students page. 

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Research Programs & Apply

Use our program search tool to filter programs by term, engagement opportunity, discipline and more!  

When you are ready to apply, click on the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program page. Submitting applications early is recommended and you should complete all application materials by the stated deadline. If you have any questions about the application process or selecting the right program, please contact the Short-term Advisor at

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Maryland Short-term Programs

Program Name Term
UMD-Spring Break: Ghana: Global Perspectives in Communication Sciences and Disorders (HESP) Spring Break, Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Australia: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Australia: Natural History, Ecology and Geology (BSCI) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Cuba: Law, Public Health, and the Cuban Family (FMSC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Europe: Global Entrepreneurship in Europe (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: France : Applied Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation Real-World Decision Making (PLCY) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: France: French Language and Culture on the Mediterranean (FREN) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: France: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ghana: Education Equity in Crisis: Global Corporate Social Responsibility (AAPS) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Greece: Sustainability & Infrastructure (ENCE) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ireland: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Ireland: The Archaeology of Ireland's Early Modern Period (ANTH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape (ARCH) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Food Writing (ENGL) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Italy: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music (LARC/HONR) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Japan: Sustainable Energy Production and Utilization (ENME) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Japan: The Built Environment, Planning, and the Exploration of Social Justice and Equity (URSP) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Kenya: Agricultural Business and Sustainable Food Production (AREC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Morocco: Health Implications of the Mediterranean Diet and Culture (NFSC) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: New Zealand: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Senegal: Sport Globalization - NBA Africa (JOUR) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Singapore: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: South Africa: Human Trafficking in Context: Corruption and Social Justice (CCJS/MLAW) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Spain: Culture, Language, and Literature in Salamanca and Barcelona (SPAN) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: Spain: Global Summer Internship Program (BMGT) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: United Kingdom: British Culture, Art and Life in the UK (ENGL/THET) Summerterm
UMD-Summer: United Kingdom: Design Discovery: London (LARC/ARTT) Summerterm
Program Name Term
UMD-Winter: Australia: Leadership in a Global Context (ENES/LEAD) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Australia: Sport, Commerce, and Culture in the Global Marketplace (KNES) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Brazil and Panama: Supply Chain Management Study Abroad (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Brazil: Racism as a Public Health Crisis in the US and Brazil (SPHL/IAP) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Costa Rica: Fire and Jungle: Sustainability, Climate Change and Renewable Energy Systems (ENME) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Costa Rica: Marketing and Sustainability in Costa Rica (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Cuba: Critical Cultures in Contemporary Cuba (SPAN/LASC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Cuba: Havana's Art & Culture: The Intersection of Architecture, Planning, Preservation and Economics (ARCH) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Cuba: Topical Investigations; Government and Politics of Latin America (GVPT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Ecuador: Technology, Education and Society: Ecuador in Context (CPSP/LASC/ENES) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: France: Business, Food, and the Arts – Culture is King in France (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: India: East Meets West: Contrasting Public Health Priorities, Pragmatics and Polemics in the U.S. and India (HLTH) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Indonesia: Social-Ecological Systems, Environmental Policy, and Sustainable Development (PLCY) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Italy: Ancient Greek and Roman Culture in Context (CLAS/ARTH) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Italy: Improving Programs through Evaluation-Based Performance Monitoring and Management (PLCY) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Japan and South Korea: From Quality Past to Automated Future – Similarities and Differences Between Two Countries (BMGT/QUEST) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Malaysia: Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia (BSST) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Martinique: Traces of Martinican Cultures Through Plantations (FREN/AMST) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: International and Multicultural Perspectives in Education (EDUC/CPSP) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: New Zealand: Sustainable Ecosystems (PLSC/ENSP) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: New Zealand: Who Runs the World? Closing the Leadership Gender Gap - Lessons from New Zealand (CPSP) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Nicaragua: Sustainable Agriculture and Environment (ANSC) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Rwanda: Sustainability Leadership in Africa (CHBE/ENCH/ENES) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: South Africa: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Contemporary South African Context (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: United Arab Emirates (UAE): Finance and Markets in the New World (BMGT) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: United Kingdom: Documentary Filmmaking in London (COMM) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: United Kingdom: The British Masters of Science: From Newton to Hawking (HLSC/HONR) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: United Kingdom: Tolkien in Oxford (ENGL) Winterterm
UMD-Winter: Vietnam: Climate-Resilient Development: Vietnam's Mekong Delta Region (AREC/ENES) Winterterm