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International Orientation Leaders (IOL)

International Orientation Leaders (IOL)

Meet our Spring 2022 Orientation Leaders ready to welcome incoming international students at the University of Maryland!  Review their bio to learn more about them. This exclusive group of leaders was chosen to facilitate in the transition and welcome of new international students to the UMD community. 

Ardya Suryadinata
Hi. My name is Ardya Suryadinata from Indonesia. I am a graduate student studying cybersecurity. I will be graduating in May 2022. I love making my coffee. So, when I came here, I filled half of my luggage with coffee beans from my country.

Ashmeet Kaur


Ashmeet Kaur is a graduate student pursuing Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland. A walking enthusiast, she's from India who loves to explore around, hike, and learn about different languages and cultures. Being an international student herself, she thrives to create a positive impact and make the campus experience supportive and interactive for the incoming international Terps.

Behnam Tahmasbi

Hi everyone, Welcome to the great community of the University of Maryland at College Park :) My name is Behnam, I'm from Iran and I'm doing my Ph.D. at Civil Engineering. I wish you an excellent and enjoyable study here. You are always welcome to reach out to me if you have any questions. In folder

Chin yun Kuei

Hello, my name is Chin-yun(Grace), I am a senior Geography major. I'm from Taiwan but I have been in the US. for about 5 years. I enjoy baking, drawing and looking for new restaurants. I'm also a part of Ganji, a k-pop dance group, so you might see me in cultural club/school performances as well!

Farah Alabdulrazzak

My name is Farah Razzak, and I am an international undergraduate student majoring in dietetics. I am originally from Syria but was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. I have toured the USA in my three years of study abroad, and DMV is absolutely my favorite area!! Shoot me an email if you would like recommendations on where to spend free time!

Feben Assefa

Hi, my name is Feben. I am from Ethiopia. I am a first-year graduate student majoring in Information Systems at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures and backgrounds.

Giang Pham (Chloe)

Hello, welcome to UMD! My name is Giang Pham (Chloe). I'm an undergraduate senior and double major in Math: Statistics and Economics. I'm originally from Vietnam. I love hanging out with friends, cooking, shopping, and traveling. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and meeting you guys soon

Juliet Huang

My name is Juliet. I am a second-year PhD student in art history, specialising in fashion and textile history. I moved to Washington, DC from New York City. Anything you want to know about art exhibitions and cool museums in DC and New York, just ask me!

Makkie Haller

Hi! My name is Makkie Haller and I'm a graduate student in the International Education Policy program. I'm originally from the US state of Montana and I've studied abroad in Morocco, Egypt, and Wales. I love traveling, hiking, cooking, and learning about new cultures! I'm so excited to meet you all!

Mishti Relanshe/her/hers

Hello, My name is Mishti and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science. I am also an international student from India.

Mohamed Elnoor

My name is Mohamed Elnoor. I'm a PhD student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I'm originally from Sudan and I love travelling. I'm looking forward to meeting you :) Welcome to UMD!!

Pamela Owusu Nkwantabisahshe/her/hers

Hi everyone, I'm Pamela Owusu Nkwanatabisah from Ghana, a Master of Community Planning Student (Graduate). I studied Geography during my undergraduate(BSc) studies at the University of Pécs, Hungary. I like to travel, meet new people and assist others in the best way I can. Don't hesitate to reach out via my email at

Ruiqi Li

My name is Ruiqi Li and I'm Chinese. I'm a first-year graduate student studying Human-Computer Interaction at the College of Information Studies (iSchool). I have been in the US since 2016 and I attended my undergrad at Purdue University in Indiana. I'm looking forward to meeting the new international students and helping them to have a good kick-start of their life in the States.

Silvia Castilla

Hi! I am Silvia from Colombia. I am a graduate student at the Department of Geology. I study volcanoes and how they have erupted in the past to try to predict how they will erupt in the future. I enjoy playing soccer with friends and more recently badminton!

Yizhan Ao

Hi, I am Yizhan. I am a senior undergraduate in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I am from China. One fun fact about me is that my dog walks me every day.

Yongqi Heshe/her/hers

Hello! My name is Yongqi He. I prefer to call myself Wendy. I am from China, and I am a graduate student majoring in finance. I am really happy to be your IOL! Hoping that we can have a great experience in orientation!

Zeyang Liuhe/him/his

Hi guys, I am Zeyang Liu, a senior year undergraduate student at UMD, majoring in Economics. I come from China. One interesting fact about me is I took a 4-years gap year between my junior year and senior year, went back to China to work in Venture capital, and then ran my own startup.