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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

In order to ensure coverage, UMD automatically enrolls undergraduate students who are enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits and graduate students enrolled in 48 or more units in a semester (36 units in a 12-week term) in the university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) each year they are at UMD. The annual SHIP premium will be assessed to your student account after you register, if your registered credits/units meet the criteria above.

  • Most J1 students are not automatically enrolled and must self enroll in SHIP. (Year long exchange students are automatically enrolled)
  • Students can self enroll if you know you want to enroll in SHIP and you haven’t been enrolled. (must be registered for some credits)
  • Students who already have a US health insurance policy and wish to apply for a waiver can do so by following steps outlined in the Health Center website. Students must complete the waiver no later than September 30th.

For more information on the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) visit the Health Center's website.

Graduate students on UMD assistantships

Students who are appointed a Fall graduate assistantship by July 31, 2023, are exempt from completing a waiver. Please contact your UMD program to confirm when your assistantship starts. Visit for more details. 

Keep in mind that UMD employee health insurance plans do not provide medical evacuation and repatriation insurance.  ISSS recommends enrolling in a supplemental policy to cover those benefits. Academic Emergency Services (AES) is offered through the University Health center and requires a separate enrollment. 

If you were not enrolled in the SHIP plan and wish to enroll you must sign up by the deadline.  Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance is included in the SHIP plan. 


All J-1 Visa Holders


As an Exchange Visitor in the United States, you are required to carry health insurance for yourself and your J-2 dependents for the full duration of your J program. Government regulations stipulate that if you willfully fail to carry health insurance for yourself and your dependents, your J-1 sponsor must terminate your program, and report the termination to the United States Department of State (DOS). 

Required Insurance Specifications for all J1 Exchange Students

While you hold J-1 or J-2 status, you are required to carry the following type and amounts of coverage:

  • $100,000 (minimum) for each accident or illness.
  • $50,000 (minimum) for the expenses of your travel, if a doctor advises you to be sent home because of a serious illness or injury.
  • $25,000 (minimum) in benefits to send your remains to your home country for burial, if you should die in the United States.
  • $500 (maximum) deductible per accident or illness.
  • Waiting period for pre-existing conditions must be reasonable by current standards in the insurance industry.
  • The policy must be backed by the full faith and credit of your home country government or the company providing the insurance must meet minimum rating requirements established by USIA (an A. M. Best rating of "A-" or above, an Insurance Solvency International, Ltd. (ISI) rating of "A-i" or above, a Standard & Poor's Claims-paying Ability rating of "A-" or above, or a Weiss Research, Inc. rating of B+ or above).

If you have questions concerning the J-1 insurance regulations please click here.

Insurance for J-1 Scholars and UMD Degree Seeking J1 Exchange Students

Exchange students (1 semester and 1 year visiting students)

  • Exchange students at UMD for fall and spring will be automatically enrolled in SHIP insurance and the premium will be billed to your UMD account.  Students auto enrolled have the option to submit a request for a waiver with an acceptable plan that meets J1 requirements.
  • Exchange students at UMD for fall only will need to self enroll in SHIP insurance or contact for the waiver request form if you hold another US based health plan you think meets the insurance requirements

Degree seeking J students

  • J students who have a graduate assistantship have the option of enrolling in the UMD employee benefits plans.  Employee plans do not cover not provide medical evacuation and repatriation insurance.  J1 regulations require this additional insurance. You must enroll in a supplemental policy to cover those benefits. Academic Emergency Services (AES) is offered through the University Health center and requires a separate enrollment.
  • All J students have the option of self enrolling in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  J1 students are not auto enrolled and need to register by the enrollment deadline.
  • Any J1 student using insurance not offered by UMD will need to upload their insurance in ITerp and confirm that it meets all J1 requirements.  J-1 students  use the Proof of Insurance (J-1 Students) e-form on iTerp.