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Student and Directory IDs

Student and Directory IDs

Directory ID

Your Directory ID is your username that you will use to log into computers and other electronic systems on campus, access library resources remotely, and complete SEVIS Verification.  In order to access the online services of UMD, you will need to set up your Directory ID.  Your directory ID will also be your email address

To set up your Directory ID you will need the following:

  1. The Last Five Digits of Your SSN (or SID for International students)  
  2. Your Date of Birth (Month-Day-Year)
  3. Your Last Name


Your SID is a 9-digit number used for various University purposes. It is either your Social Security number (if you have one) or a 9-digit number assigned to you at the time of application (if you do not have a social security number).  You will need to retrieve your assigned SID to set up your directory ID, register for certain parts of orientation, and other purposes.  If you have an on-campus job, you can use it to get paid until you receive the social security number.  DO NOT USE AN ASSIGNED SID TO FILE TAXES, ONLY A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!

Undergraduate students can receive their SID by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Technical Support​.  Graduate students can view the last five digits of their SID on their Graduate School admission letter.


Your UID is your University of Maryland Identification Number, which is used for most forms and is printed on your Student ID card.  You should always include this number when communicating with faculty or staff, since this is the best way to find you in any system. ISSS also prints your UID in the Comments section of your I-20.

*Your SID (Student Identification Number) and UID (University Identification Number) are numbers that are assigned to you when you first apply to the University of Maryland.  While both are 9-digit numbers, they serve different purposes.

Student ID Card

Your Student ID card is your physical ID as a UMD student.  You will use it to access buildings, pay for your food across campus, and as library card, shuttle bus pass, Recreation Center pass.  Not to mention all the discounts you can get off campus as a college student!  You get your Student ID in the Mitchell Building after you have registered for your classes.