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Mobile and Data Security While Traveling Abroad

Mobile and Data Security While Traveling Abroad

Important Notice: Reports of temporary detention of visa-holding researchers to search electronic devices in carry-on or checked luggage (Dr. L. Locasio, VPR)


General Information

Securing devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones is a difficult enough task under the best of circumstances. When connected to the University of Maryland’s networks, these devices are protected by multiple layers of security controls that help to keep them safe from the threats that exist on the Internet and outside of this institution. However, when a faculty or staff member travels abroad with their devices, the challenges of keeping these devices and the information stored within them grow significantly.

This article describes some of the threats that faculty and staff may encounter when traveling abroad with mobile devices as well as how to protect devices before, during, and after the trip. This article also provides guidance on what to do in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen while abroad.